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TTS Inc. has developed and brought high performance bio-material products to market in sustainable ways since 1998. On the one hand, we optimize raw materials from the agriculture and forestry sectors to create value-added, certified, and market-ready products. On the other, we are filling an important niche in the bio-industry by organizing interested parties into commercial manufacturing models. Stakeholders are diverse and can include: investors, entrepreneurs, government, suppliers, manufacturers, communities, designers, etc. For example, in 2009, TTS mobilized key players in government, the automotive and chemicals industries, and the Town of Drayton Valley, Alberta to develop a $15-million bio-fibre commercial plant and spin-off company to manage it in Drayton Valley’s Bio-Mile. TTS is currently focusing on commercializing its suite of products.

TTS products sustainably replace petroleum with local natural fibres by using advanced technologies. TTS has developed four market-ready products: (1) fibre panels, (2) fibre-reinforced cement, (3) structural insulated panels (SIP), (4) engineered fibre mats, and (5) fibre-plastic composites.
They are applied in construction, auto parts, remediation, and other industries around the world seeking cost-effective and sustainable solutions. TTS commercialization models address the commercial phase of the value chain. They are customized to produce substantial financial, social, and environmental returns for everyone involved.

Since 1998, TTS has been a catalyst, growing the bio-industrial sector through its technical incubator services, advocacy, advisory role, business development expertise, and focus on commercializing proven bio-material products. The industry is now worth $6.5 billion in the province of Alberta alone. TTS’s commercialization role fills an important niche in the next stage of advancing an industry that has the potential to be bigger than oil.

We work with like-minded collaborators who:

  • Invest in innovative solutions and expect returns;
  • Recognize increasing consumer demand for sustainable products and shifts in public policy and business for environmentally sound industrial activities;
  • Are community-builders, creating economic, environmental, and social solutions and opportunities for the people who live in their community;
  • Want to diversify economies and portfolios;
  • Understand that natural resources are finite, but can be managed and optimized appropriately;
  • See new opportunities and technologies – for energy, materials, and chemicals – in waste and in nature;
  • Have good business sense and high-standards for quality products;
  • Think big and long-term; and
  • Want to be leaders in sustainable business, design, manufacturing, and communities.

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Tam Tekle TTS

Fibre plant launches town’s new Bio-Mile


A long-time Edmonton innovator is the first to put his stamp on Drayton Valley’s new Bio-Mile integrated industrial park.

Tam Tekle of TTS Inc. made a global name for himself in optimization of composite panel plants over the years. He’s worked on multiple value-added products in his lab, from new types of panels to new approaches to fireproofing construction materials…

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For up-to-date information about this project, visit:
http://www.draytonvalley.ca/bio-mile or contact the Town of Drayton Valley